Check Out Our Video Introductions

Check Out Our Video Introductions

Now you can meet Stan, Ralph or Alex., all three of our lawyers, via a video introduction.

Here is the video introduction from Stan:


Thanks to the tremendous video artistry of James Desmarais at Chazah Video Productions, you can experience a video introduction 24-7.

Here is the video introduction from Ralph:

Galbraith Law now has our very own channel on YouTube. This is where you will find the video introductions for our lawyers.

Here is the video introduction from Alex:

We have also added the first vlog or video-blog. This is the first in a series of short video clips that wil answer many of the FAQs we encounter on a routine basis. The first vlog features Ralph Colistro answering a very common question: Do I really need a lawyer to complete a will? Can’t I just use a will kit? Click here to see what Ralph has to say about this question.

Future vlogs will answer questions such as:

  • the advisability of interim or bridge financing when selling and buying real estate within a short time frame
  • the pros and cons of incorporation
  • adding your children to the title to your home or your bank account

Please let us know of any other topics we can answer in a future vlog by sending an email or by phoning us at 780.483.6111

Click here to meet Stan.

Click here to meet Ralph.

Click here to meet Alex.