Check Out Our Video Introductions

Check Out Our Video IntroductionsNow you can meet Stan, Ralph or Alex., all three of our lawyers, via a video introduction. Here is the video introduction from Stan:   Thanks to the tremendous video artistry of James Desmarais at Chazah Video Productions, you can experience a video introduction 24-7. Here is the video introduction from Ralph: Galbraith Law now has our very own channel on YouTube. This is where you will find the video introductions for our lawyers. Here is the video introduction from Alex: We have also added the first vlog or video-blog. This is the first in a series of short video clips that wil answer many of the FAQs we encounter on a routine basis. The first vlog features Ralph Colistro answering a very common question: Do I really need a lawyer to complete a will? Can’t I just use a will kit? Click here to see what Ralph has to say about this question. Future vlogs will answer questions such as: the advisability of interim or bridge financing when selling and buying real estate within a short time frame the pros and cons of incorporation adding your children to the title to your home or your bank account Please let us know of any other topics we can answer in a future vlog by sending an email or by phoning us at 780.483.6111 Click here to meet Stan. Click here to meet Ralph. Click here to meet Alex.