Ralph Colistro Chairs the SDAB

Ralph Colistro Chairs the SDABAfter serving as a Board Member for several years, Ralph Colistro has been appointed as the Chair of the Edmonton Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB).  Ralph continues to preside over hearings from people who have been affected by a decision of the Development Authority under the Edmonton zoning bylaw and decisions of the Subdivision Authority.  Now he has taken on the additional responsibility of chairing the 18 members of the Board.  The SDAB is an independent quasi-judicial body established by Edmonton City Council.  Its decisions are final and cannot be overturned unless the Board makes an error in some aspect of law or jurisdiction. In lay terms, the SDAB is the final authority on whether that oversized garage that sits too close to the property line is approved.  They determine whether a discretionary home-based business such as a Bed & Breakfast is approved. They conduct full hearings where they listen to the applicant, review their written submissions and hear all the concerns of the affected neighbours. Members of the Board apply a wide ranging knowledge of legal issues, construction matters and people skills to their adjudication roles. All of us at Galbraith Law are pleased that Ralph Colistro serves the citizens of Edmonton as a member of the SDAB.  We congratulate Ralph on his appointment as Chair of this important municipal board!