Business Agreements and Business Financing

Commercial Loans

In many cases, commercial financing is required to either complete the purchase of a business or expand the business. We regularly assist clients in taking the necessary steps to obtain a commercial loan. Our lawyers are available to consult with you on the requirements of your lender and the impact it may have on your business. We will then work with you to ensure all the lender’s requirements are completed and the loan is advanced.

Contracts and Agreements

Business must deal with a wide variety of complex contracts and agreements. Failing to obtain legal advice can lead to major problems. Whether it’s a lease, loan or financial agreement, supply or services contract, or an employment agreement we can help. We can draft or prepare an original agreement, negotiate an agreement on your behalf or review a prepared agreement.

Employment / Confidentiality Agreements

As a business owner, it is important to consider whether or not there are adequate protections in place to protect your trade secrets, intellectual property, client information, and other confidential information. 

It is important to protect your business against the improper use of confidential information by a key employee that leaves your business or by independent contractors hired by your business. A properly drafted contract will assist you in enforcing your rights to protect your confidential information from improper use by unauthorized parties.

Our lawyers are able to assist you in drafting appropriate Confidentiality Agreements with employees and other contractors. The manner in which the agreements are drafted and the method used to present them to employees and/or independent contractors can have a dramatic effect on their validity. 

If the protection of confidential information is important to your business, please contact our lawyers to discuss how we can help.

Shareholder or Partnership Agreements

Whenever two or more people go into business together, they should have their lawyer prepare a Partnership or Shareholder Agreement. The purpose is, quite simply, to set out in writing the actual agreement between the parties. This is best done before any problems arise. The Agreement will spell out who owns what, how profit is divided, how much money or work is required from each party, and what happens if a party dies or wants to leave. A Partnership Agreement is used when the business is not incorporated and a Shareholder Agreement is used when the business is incorporated. 

Galbraith Law can help. We will discuss your situation with you, and suggest various options. Once you and your partners have agreed on the basic terms, we will prepare a Partnership or Shareholder Agreement that accurately reflects your wishes.