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Wills and Estate Planning

Whether you are looking after an estate, planning your own estate or looking after the financial or personal affairs of a family member who is still alive, Galbraith Law can help.

Estate Administration

The Administering Estates page of our website answers many common questions people have. Review this page to determine what is involved in administering an estate and get answers to questions such as dealing with debt or income tax.

Will Preparation

If you are thinking of preparing a will, our Wills page has answers to many frequently asked questions. There are also some answers to questions about estate planning and our professional staff will be happy to assist you with further estate planning issues.

Enduring Power of Attorney

Learn about Enduring Power of Attorney and how this can be helpful to everyone if you are incapacitated and want to have someone look after your financial affairs without the necessity of a court application.

Personal Directive

A Personal Directive allows you to appoint an agent to make decisions about your personal status including your healthcare. This is the person the medical professionals will have to consult if you are unable to make your own personal care decisions.

Looking After the Affairs of Someone Who Is Incapacitated?

The AGTA page of our website deals with the situation that arises when you must look after the affairs of someone who is incapacitated. The Alberta Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act (AGTA) sets out the criteria and we can guide you through the process involved in obtaining an appointment so you can look after the affairs of a loved one.

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