Thank-you for choosing Galbraith Law to assist you with your upcoming purchase. This can be both an exciting and stressful process. Our role is to reduce the stress so that you can more fully enjoy the excitement.
Here are some items that can move us toward a smooth closing.

All-Inclusive Billing Practices

The vast majority of our work, especially in the area of real estate, is billed on a flat-fee, all-inclusive basis. This means you have the certainty of knowing exactly what it will cost you for us to complete work on your behalf. There are no variables. You have clarity.

Your single-price invoice includes all the fees, other charges, and disbursements or out-of-pocket costs necessary to complete our work on your behalf with a few minor exceptions we will always tell you about. This means charges for photocopies, faxes, couriers, Land Titles registration fees, search fees, and more are all included. There a few minor exceptions which are discussed in more detail here.

For complete details and answer to common questions about our billing practices, please visit our Real Estate Billings FAQ page.

When Do We Start Working On Your File

Our team is available at any time during regular business hours to answer any of your questions or concerns. Many of your questions will be answered by the material on our website. We actually start working on your file once we have received mortgage instructions from your lender and real estate instructions from the realtor and all conditions are removed. Sometimes, clients will ask us to start working on their documents prior to all three occurrences as they can see the closing date is fast approaching.

Far too often this results in extra work and increased costs. If we prepare the mortgage documents prior to receiving final mortgage instructions and the final instructions differ slightly from the initial documents, we will have to prepare all the documents a second time. If the terms of the Real Estate Purchase Contract (REPC) are changed just before real estate instructions are sent out by the realtor and we have already prepared some of the documents, we will charge extra fees as we will have to prepare all the documents a second time.

Make sure you leave enough time between finalizing your REPC and your mortgage and the actual completion date so we can finish our work. Take a detailed look at the steps involved in closing a real estate deal, from the contract, to property taxes to a Real Property Report.

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