Stan’s Biography

Stan Galbraith is a man of many talents. While a lawyer by day, at night and on weekends he can transform into a database programmer, wine maker, gardener and motivational speaker.

His expertise has been called on as a guest speaker and featured presenter at multiple seminars and conferences over the years and he has become a regular contributor to the Edmonton Real Estate Board Newsletter.

Even while in law school, Stan had a passion for making difficult legal matters understandable by people who have never set foot inside a law school. Whether drafting a will, rewriting a commercial mortgage for a private lender or negotiating a share sale agreement, he makes sure there are no in witness whereof in the documents he drafts.

Stan opened the doors at Galbraith Law in December 1987 and is particularly proud of the passionate team currently in place at Galbraith Law.
If you really want to see Stan light up just tell him you are interested in attending the Mastery of Self Expression or finding out about the masculine heart.