We are pleased to announce that Stan Galbraith, our senior lawyer, will be working with Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA) as part of the Forms & Practice Committee for a 2-year term. This committee is the working group that creates all the Real Estate Purchase Contracts and other forms used by Realtors throughout Alberta.

The AREA Provincial Forms and Practice Committee also advises and supports the AREA Member Services group in the management of AREA Forms content. The committee also participate in practise discussion, discuss the impact of practise issues and themes on AREA Forms, discuss how regulatory or organised real estate changes affect AREA standard provincial forms, discuss the impact of relevant legislative changes (e.g., Land Titles, Privacy, Anti-spam, Municipal Government, Dower Act, etc.) on AREA Forms, discuss the impact of case law outcomes and legal community opinions on AREA Forms, and discuss provincial standards of practise for the conduct of real estate business in Alberta.

Thank you, Alberta Real Estate Association, and we are looking forward to working with you again!

To learn more, visit: https://www.albertarealtor.ca/page/committees--appointees