Galbraith Law provides certainty and economy for clients with a radical new fixed-price billing system.

Most law firms quote a "fee" for their service and then pile on the disbursements and other charges. In addition to their quoted fee they charge for all their out-of-pocket expenses such as Land Titles or corporate registry costs or courier charges. They will then add additional charges for many of their internal costs such as photocopying, faxes, file room supplies, word processing charges and the like.

The result of all this is your bill often ends up being much higher than you thought it would be. Clearly this system makes it almost impossible to accurately budget. No one knows what the final bill will be until the very end of the transaction.

Several years ago, Galbraith Law quit charging for all these internal costs. Now we’ve taken it a step further and our clients love it. We now have a fixed price for many of our standard services. This all-inclusive price includes all our internal costs and all out-of-pocket costs or disbursements.

Standard real estate transactions, incorporations, and Wills packages are all included. We tell you what the price is up-front and that is the amount of your final bill.

We only charge extra for items beyond the standard retainer such as title insurance, out-of-town signing, or obtaining a survey or Real Property Report. Even then, we tell you the cost of these special items as soon as we can.

How does our fixed-price system save you money? Here are just a few examples. If your real estate purchase is running late and we must use a rush courier service to deliver documents we absorb the extra cost. Similarly, if your mortgage is lengthy and requires extra photocopying, once again we absorb the cost. On the corporate side, the price for incorporation stays the same for up to 5 shareholders.

You can hear more about this exciting new program and the certainty it provides by calling one of our friendly staff at 780.483.6111. Or, you can click here to send us an email.