Death and real estate can be a complex issue. To put it simply, when someone dies, the ability to transfer any land is lost until a Court Order, known as a Grant, is obtained.  

In the meantime, issues with the property continue. Utilities and insurance must be maintained. The property must be looked after, and in some cases, cleaned up and repaired.  

Creating an application for a Grant can take weeks or months depending on the complexity of the estate. Once it is submitted, many weeks will pass before the actual Grant is obtained. In the meantime, the Personal Representative and the beneficiaries may have a desire to sell the property as soon as possible to take advantage of the real estate selling season and stop all the ongoing expenses.  

It is possible to take many of the steps required to sell the property before the actual Grant is issued from the Courts. It is even possible to have the sale completed by special Court Order. As long as it is done properly, the property can be ready for sale and listed for sale before the Grant is issued.  

For a complete discussion of all the issues involved in selling estate-owned real estate, please click here to read the newest article we have added to our website. With an understanding of the issues and help from Galbraith Law, many steps can be taken toward an early and successful sale of estate-owned real estate prior to the Grant being issued by the Courts.