Top reasons for Delays on Closing: Sellers

There are many reasons that a real estate sale can be delayed. Some reasons can be attributed to actions solely in the control of the sellers; some solely in the control of the purchasers and some reasons are the result of actions by both parties. Many of the issues that arise can be avoided if the parties are aware of the potential for delays.

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Estate Planning Tips: Enduring Power of Attorney vs Joint Ownership

One of the questions we hear frequently is: Which is better, an enduring power of attorney (EPOA) or to put family members on my accounts as joint holders?

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Considerations for Incorporation: Share Structure

One of the most common issues we see when a client self-incorporates is a share structure that is not sufficient to support the growth of the company.

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 On April 24, 2018 our real estate team attended a seminar regarding Alberta Land Titles moving to online registration.  The government plans to move to online registration in stages and the next few years should be exciting.