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CMHC First Time Home Buyers Incentive

The Federal government has created a new Incentive program designed to assist first time home buyers to enter the real estate market.  The Incentive is managed under the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (“CMHC”) and allows CMHC to assist first time home buyers by increasing their down payment towards a home purchase and therefore reduce the principal needed for a mortgage.


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  Estate Administration: 

Debt repayment - Unsecured Debt

Our last article covered the Personal Representative’s duty to pay secured debts of the deceased.  This article will discuss payment of unsecured debt by the estate.  


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  Get Yourself a USA

What happens when the shareholder of a private corporation dies? 

In the absence of a Unanimous Shareholders Agreement (USA), it can be a costly mess. When you own shares in a publicly-traded company, you can simply go online or phone your broker and sell the shares.  Shareholders of privately held corporations require the cooperation and consent of the other shareholders to sell the shares.


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At the end of April 2019 our office moved to the address below:


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