As lawyers, we often extol the virtues of getting a will done. We point out the advantages of naming the beneficiaries of your choice and making sure your estate is looked after by the executor or personal representative of your choice. We also talk about the advantages of having a will prepared by a lawyer rather than doing your own will or using a will kit.

In fact, we have even posted a video on this topic which you can find by clicking below.

Now for a completely different twist, Thomas Deans has written a great piece on the Top 10 Reason You Should Never Write a Will. Click here to read his Top 10 List.

In his list he points out how awesome it will be to see how the government divides your estate. Why have the certainty of making your own decisions?

Also, not doing a will creates the opportunity for loads of family drama. Lively debates, especially when everyone is grieving, are helpful and provide an opportunity for family members to experience and learn more about chaos, anger and regret. After all, as Thomas points out, strong dynastic families are built on secrets and pitting your children against each other after you have died without a will. Read the entire list by clicking here now.

Thomas Deans PhD, is the author of the best-selling family business book: Every Family’s Business: 12 Common Sense Questions to Protect Your Wealth. His latest book is Willing Wisdom. In this book he explores how a will can help you understand how to live an extraordinary and purposeful life. You can visit his website by clicking here.

Then, when you are ready to move forward and get your will done for the first time or update your current will contact us here at Galbraith Law.