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Are E-Signatures Legally Binding? 


As with many legal matters, the answer is complex.  Generally, electronic signatures are valid and enforceable.  In fact, Alberta legislation explicitly states that electronic signatures have the same force and effect as hard copy wet ink on paper signatures, with certain exceptions.  This means that a scanned copy of the document with your signature on it, a document signed through a program such as Docusign, or your signature on a digital pad is valid and binding.


The Alberta legislation carves out certain exceptions and provides that many documents must still be done the old-fashioned way with ink on paper.  This includes Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Personal Directives, Transfers of Land, Personal Guarantees, and negotiable instruments.


One major issue is the ability to verify electronic signatures and to verify digital identity.  Digital signatures are a specific sub-category of electronic signatures.  Digital signature software verifies a person’s identity as they sign the document through the use of encryption keys.  Digital identity technology allows verification of a person’s identity when they are not physically present.


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Land Titles Delays


The Land Titles Offices in Alberta are currently experiencing the longest registration delays in their history.  As of the second week of March 2022, documents submitted for registration will finally be registered in the second week of June and Land Titles is actually registering documents submitted during the first week of December 2021.


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